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English Activities for 4th - 5th Grade

Kids House 2: Easy and Enjoyable

The English program "Kids House 2" is specifically designed to complement what is learned in grades 4 and 5 and to advance the children further in their English. The goal of the program is to improve and deepen their understanding of English in an enjoyable environment with engaging learning.

The program is also designed to develop and enrich their vocabulary, develop their reading and writing skills, and strengthen their listening and speaking skills.

Our method of teaching helps and encourages each student to build and improve upon their reading skills. We place an emphasis on reading and listening comprehension, practicing speaking skills, and exercises in correct pronunciation.

Learning new words and committing them to memory is done through advanced learning tools, such as animated games and activities with audio feedback.


By the end of the English course, the students are able to speak, understand, read, and write about topics related to their age group, such as: describing themselves, the days of the week, the weather in every season, animals, favorite foods (as well as using verbs in each tense properly), all while learning through experience in an enjoyable environment.

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