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Completing the Bagrut After High School

English House Bagrut - It's Better for Bettering Your Future!

In order to be eligible to receive a certificate for completing the Bagrut, you must be tested on seven different subjects, which includes an English test.

Whoever does not pass the English Bagrut in high school can complete it after or even during army service.

The English Bagrut comes in three difficulties: 3 / 4 / 5 points.

In order to be eligible to for the certificate, you must pass at least at the level of 3 points. However, to be accepted into an institution of higher education, you must pass the English Bagrut at least at the level of 4 points.


The Bagrut test includes 3 sections:

  1. Reading comprehension - in this section, you must read a text and answer questions.

  2. Listening comprehension - in this section, you must listen to a passage and answer questions.

  3. Writing assignment - in this section, you have to write an essay based on the level of that Bagrut.


For those being tested on levels 4 and 5, there is also a section that focuses on English literature based on the new system.


In “The English House”, each student is given a diagnostic test to verify which level best suits him/her. Bagrut courses take place during the morning and evening hours and continue for several months. For students at a basic level of English, we recommend integrating into “The English House” preparatory program, in order to acquire a strong base in English.


The preparatory program includes learning basic English: expanding vocabulary, understanding and practicing different tenses, writing sentences, and doing basic reading comprehension exercises.


After reducing this gap of knowledge in the preparatory program, the student can relatively easily integrate into our course that helps prepare for taking the English Bagrut after high school, which provides the tools that are necessary to pass the test.


The course for helping complete the Bagrut emphasizes:

  1. Enriching vocabulary that is specific for the Bagrut.

  2. Learning and practicing different tenses.

  3. Providing techniques and advanced learning tools to help improve reading comprehension.

  4. Working on writing abilities.

  5. Speaking in groups and working on listening comprehension.

As the Bagrut draws near, we have a focused "marathon", in which we do concentrated review on the material and provide sample tests (with answer keys) that are very structurally similar to the test itself.

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