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  English Activities for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Kids House 1: English is Fun from the Beginning!

We provide your child with the ticket to a better future!!!


"Kids House 1" is an environment for young children to be exposed to English in their early years.


"Kids House 1" has friendly activities that present the wonderful world of English to children in an engaging and enjoyable fashion. The goal of the program is to enable every child to obtain self-confidence and practical use of the language in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

The subjects are taught through enjoyable, creative activities, games, and songs, which promote acquiring a vocabulary and speech skills. This is essential for successfully encountering English in everyday situations.


"Kids House 1" stimulates the senses, with animations and characters filled with content that are specifically designed to encourage learning English. This program includes over 500 words that are learned in an active and happy environment. The new words appear repeatedly, allowing the students an abundance of exposure and practice.


The children already start speaking the language within the first lesson. This English is acquired as a second language with the same naturalness, ease, and comfort with which their mother tongue was learned.


"Kids House 1": Don't forget the lowercase letters: learning the ABC is integrated into the activities in order to allow the students to see how to write the letters correctly, hear how to pronounce them correctly, and experience live, interactive examples for everything learned.


In this program, children can start from age 5 and are placed in small groups based on their level (maximum 8 per group) in order to provide each and every student with a personal relationship and pedagogical supervision closely linked to their progress in acquiring the language. Every student receives a personal username and password which lets them review all of the material that was learned at home.

The program "Kids House 1" is tailored to the subjects that are learned in school.

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