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Preparatory Course for Entering Junior High

Teens House  -  English is for life!

The transition to junior high brings challenges in maturing on an emotional, social, and intellectual level. Students go to different junior highs, which causes an educational gap in different subjects, especially in English.

During this substantial transition, The English House's program for preparing students for junior high strengthens their self-confidence and their level of English in order to give them the tools and the ability to advance to high school, pass the English Bagrut, and succeed in life.

Every student is evaluated using a diagnostic test that gauges their knowledge of the language. Based on this, we create a personalized program that runs parallel to the demands of the educational system and the student's goals.

The program prepares the learners for junior high and focuses on:

  • Reinforcing the tenses that are taught in junior high

  • Practical use of tenses and vocabulary that were taught in elementary school

  • Development of speaking confidently

  • Enriching vocabulary

  • Improving reading ability (as needed)

  • Practicing reading comprehension

  • Engaging listening comprehension exercises 

  • Writing essays

The learning process in The English House is challenging yet enjoyable, and includes a variety of teaching tools that are catered to each and every student in order to make the learning process enjoyable, engaging and, effective. The learning is individualized in small groups so we can closely track each student's progress and provide them with personalized attention.

The prep course for junior high is composed of 3 tracks:

  1. Summer English Course – throughout July and August, like a summer school

  2. The annual course for the year before junior high, in order to prepare them for junior high level English.

  3. The annual course for the first year of junior high to close the gap between the student and the class.

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