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English for Beginners

The Learning Program

Level 1:

At this level, students learn the English alphabet through pronunciation, forming words, and learning basic writing rules. At this level, emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation of the words. About 400 new words are learned at this level.


Level 2:

At this level, students engage in English in a natural and enjoyable way and learn about the main grammatical and syntactic points of English, along with the basic rules of the language.


Emphasis is placed on expanding his/her vocabulary, using these new words correctly, and integrating them into sentences that he/she creates.  About 1,000 new words are learned at this level.


Level 3:

At this level, we advance to small conversations on different topics like: at an airport, shopping, at a hotel, at a restaurant, at a bank, at the post office, everyday questions, and more.

Language exercises and grammar explanations are integrated into the natural context of the language in an enjoyable and engaging fashion. About 1,500 new words are learned at this level.

The general teaching method is based on integrated learning with teacher guidance, combined with advanced teaching tools and switching between different learning stations: speaking, listening, and writing.

Every student receives a personalized username and password to provide them with additional practice so he/she can review what was learned in class.


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Interested in signing up for the English Speaking Course for Beginners? Leave your details in “Contact us” and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or call us at 03-7327170 and we will be happy to be of service.


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