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English for 9th - 12th Grade

Teens House 1- English is for life!

Starting with 9th grade (and ending with 12th grade), students begin learning English literature. In this program, they are expected to read long texts, understand central and subtle themes, and understand more complicated grammatical structures.


Starting with 10th grade, the students are split up based on their Bagrut level: 4 or 5 points in learning English (Each Bagrut is made up of three different sections).

Starting with 11th grade, the students begin practicing for the first section of the Bagrut English test, and they are required to turn in a comprehensive English project in writing and describe it orally.


In “The English House”, we have a special program for 9th - 12th grade students that provides them with a variety of tools that help them successfully manage their way through school and beyond.

When teaching, we put special emphasis on:

  • Reading comprehension exercises that are based on advanced teaching methods that allow for feedback and reevaluation throughout.

  • Interactive reading exercises: unique tools for “The English House” for reading interactive unseens that enrich the student’s vocabulary in an enjoyable and pragmatic fashion, all while working on listening comprehension.

  • Learning strategies for managing school assignments, including how to dissect English literature.

  • A system with individualized exercises for each student that includes specific goals for helping improve their English.

  • Developing their English speaking abilities as a way to prepare them for the oral part of the Bagrut.

  • Improving on expressing themselves in writing by providing tools that assist in writing essays in a correct, focused manner.

  • Answering questions on the Bagrut by means of advanced teaching methods.

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