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Learning Business English

Let's Talk Business!

“Let’s Talk Business” is a comprehensive, innovative course for learning business English based on updated theories for learning languages and the most modern technology. The course demonstrates situations that come up in the business world, and the learner receives practical experience in recognizing and using business subjects and dialogues.

“Let’s Talk Business” is specially crafted with realistic situations from the business world that help strengthen the learner’s ability to speak, write, and read. The course takes you through interactive software that includes video, audio, and pictures.

In “Let’s Talk Business”, you can find a variety of situations, like planning events, marketing products, creating a company profile, writing market analysis, discussing the financial situation, and more.

This software is ideal for managers, office teams, advisers, business schools, and students who are simply interested in learning business English.

Specific characteristics of the software:

  1. A book that accompanies the software.

  2. Authentic business documents for practical and effective exercises.

  3. An hour long video that demonstrates a business environment and practical dialogues.

  4. Eight case studies that encourage problem-solving abilities in English.

  5. A summary at the end of each section.

  6. Evaluations at the end of each section that track and evaluate progress of how much has been learned.

  7. Easy-to-use interface (with help files).

  8. An abundance of activities for learning and practicing in the class.


The way to learn professional business English begins in “The English House”!


Sign up today and starting talking business!


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