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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way" - Frank Smith

Each person is a world unto himself


In "The English House", we use a unique method that caters to the capabilities and talents of each and every one of the students. We teach English by using a variety of enjoyable and adventurous methods.

Children and teenagers are taught using card, board, and online games, songs, conversational lessons focusing on developing self-confidence in speaking English, and much more. Adults learn through conversational lessons, writing tasks, and thought-provoking computer exercises. Corresponding to Dr. Gardner's 7 types of intelligence, we give the students enjoyable exercises and fascinating games that are integrated into a rich learning experience. The compatibility with every student's personal abilities and talents encourages them to love English, understand it, and speak it confidently.

What is learned in the "English House"?


In "The English House", you can learn English at every level: elementary school, middle school, and high school (including preparation for the Bagrut), as well as courses for adults (business and spoken English).

We emphasize enriching vocabulary, strengthening grammar, writing properly, and the speaking fluently in a conversation.

In "The English House", you can learn how to speak English like you always dreamed.


More Custom-Fit


Everyone who is accepted to "The English House" takes a placement test that allows us to build a special, custom-fit program based on their abilities and the requirements of the Department of Education.

More Professional: All of the teachers in "The English House" are very professional in their fields and pass through the training of "Learning Styles" that is unique to "The English House".

More Personal: In "The English House", you learn in small groups and create a personal, warm, and caring relationship with our teachers, who will accompany you to the success you're looking for.

More Enjoyable: In "English House", we use the most advanced and interactive software in the world for learning English in an adventurous and enjoyable way.

Personalized Program


In "The English House", every student who is accepted takes a placement test, and through that, we gauge their abilities and difficulties.

Furthermore, "English House" is the only school for English that is meticulous in staying updated with the students and teachers about subjects that were studied in class and, based on this, we assign different exercises that suit the students' needs.


Advanced Technological Learning Tools


In the "The English House" we invest a lot of effort in providing our students the most advanced technological tools that help them study English. Our students enjoy a variety of computer programs that integrate songs, games, karaoke, and fun exercises.  


Follow-up and Evaluation 


We believe that it is important for the student to know how much he/she advances and for the parents to be continuously updated on their child's growth.


The Teaching Method


The initial evaluation of each student allows us to place him/her in a program that fits his/her specific needs. For speaking classes, the student is placed in a group that matches his/her level. In this way, we provide our students the confidence to express themselves in class discussions. We simulate dialogues, daily situations, debates, and more.

The teaching process is guided by feedback and criticism with respect to effectiveness and achieving results.

We also provide the tools and assistance to students to help them succeed at 3, 4, or 5 points in the Bagrut.




  • Expanding the student's Vocabulary- we provide a variety of tools to help remember and recall new words.

  • Mastering grammar-teaching grammar as a means of understanding the subject.

  • Improving our student's reading comprehension and writing skills

  • Periodic check-ups – we check in periodically on every student's reading comprehension, personal growth, and motivation to learn English.

  • Teaching based in English-teaching pedagogies – we teach a English for a variety of purposes, from job-oriented English, to English used in the marketplace.

  • Establishing a personal connection – we consider a personal connection with our students to be a vital part of the teaching process, so we can discover what helps promote their desire and love of learning, as well their natural curiosity and inner passion.




Our learning center is in an ideal and easily-accessible location: a 10-minute ride from Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv, near the "HaShalom" train station, which has multiple bus lines that come in from all over Israel, and conveniently close to the city council parking lot.  Our accessible location is advantageous for busy businessmen with a tight schedule. The English House Katzenelson St 39, Giv'atayim, 5321604.

Sign up today, and start speaking English confidently!

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