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At "The English House", The Results Speak for Themselves:


Gali Tzimmerman, mother of twins who finished high school:

To Ruth and her whole team – my daughters finished 12th grade today. I wanted to thank "The English House" on its contribution to their success. You taught them, encouraged them, and instilled in them a love of the language, and how to master it confidently.

On top of all of that, it was all done in a friendly and family environment. All the kids come with excitement to learn, without any negativity, and know that they have people who support them and lead them to excellence.

I want to say thank you. Throughout all their years in high school, I never had any worries when it came to English, and I knew I could always rely on you all. Thank you for engaging them, for hours of exercises before tests without "calculating hours", for the personal connection you have with each and every student, for the experienced and professional teachers, for the warm, family environment, for the amazing grades and the command of the language. You all do amazing work.


Guy Greenhouse, parent of two children, one in 3rd grade and one in 7th grade:

My kids go with passion, and they enjoy the interactivity of the learning.

The learning in "The English House" is quality learning – the integration of computers and groups for the games creates interactions between the children, and Ruth created a great atmosphere for this.

I have so much sympathy for Ruth's seriousness and devotion.

When my oldest son first started in "The English House", he didn't like going and told me "I will never learn English". Today, his entire attitude has changed. Several days ago, he received a new booklet and I asked him to read it to me. He read it fluently instead of when he used to read one word at a time.

In my opinion, he has made substantial progress.


Tali Lieberman took the spoken English course in preparation for a job interview:

I want to thank you and your wonderful team – Shani and Michelle – for the warm, caring, encouraging, and flexible relationship you had with me.

I first came to you by finding a coupon in the local newspaper for a diagnostic English test before job interviews.

The pleasant and personal (and patient and tolerant) relationship, the clear explanations about your teaching methods, and your confidence in your ability to help me with my grammar convinced me that I should sign up.

Your question of "what type of job are you looking for" was the perfect way to help prepare me to focus on what I needed. Immediately, you made sure the team would arrange job interview simulations for me, go over common questions relating to my field (flight attendant) and how to answer them, and more.

You and your team were very flexible with me, whether it was setting hours that fit my schedule, the frequency of the lessons, the changes in the material, the method of teaching, and more.

This attitude enabled me to go through my interview confidently and successfully and also helped me tremendously in taking the Psychometric Test.

I am very happy to continue to improve my English with your amazing help.

Well done, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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