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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "What is the difference between "The English House" and other schools that teach English?"


Answer: We maintain a balance.

As opposed to other places where they teach using outdated methods, lecturing, or only by putting students in front of computers, at "The English House", we work in accordance with the "Learning Styles" method. This method instills knowledge by engaging students through a combination of visual, audio, practical, and experiential techniques and helping each student connect with English in his/her own way.


Question: "How do I get accepted to "The English House"?"

Answer: Every student who is interested in joining "The English House"

is required to take a specialized placement test that meets the requirements

of the Ministry of Education and "The English House".


Question: "What are you testing for exactly with the placement test?"

Answer: The placement test for "The English House" is based on the requirements of the Ministry of Education and checks:

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Grammar

  3. Reading Comprehension

  4. Listening Comprehension

  5. Fluency in English


Question: "How do you know that the student was placed in the appropriate level for him/her?"

Answer: At "The English House", we are stringent on having complete transparency, and anyone who takes the placement test can receive a detailed diagnosis on where they thrived, and what they struggled with.

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